Kuppa Tea & Coffee Traders – Great vibe at this popular upmarket brunching spot

Kuppa Tea & Coffee Traders

Whenever you talk about good cafes in Bangkok  a name that frequently comes up is Kuppa Tea & Coffee Traders. Given the fact that historically there was much more of an emphasis in the Bangkok cafe scene on good food and good brunching – moreso than good coffee – it’s not hard to see why. What Kuppa delivers is a very sophisticated vibe, with a cafe and fine dining section, and a large selection of all day breakfasts, lunch and dinner[…]

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Casa Lapin xAri – Same style, better coffee, more hipsters

Casa Lapin xAri

I’m going to call this place ‘Stylebucks’: full of kids with Macbooks perched on wall-length bench seats leeching free wifi – much like the scene you’ll see in a Starbucks. But ‘Style’ because this place just oozes cool, and ‘bucks’ because Casa Lapin xAri sits in the base of the Noble Reform Condo on Soi Ari, and quite obviously attracts a crowd of rich hipsters from the three Noble condo buildings in this area. Casa Lapin xAri is the newest of[…]

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Casa Lapin x49 – Escape the Bangkok chaos in this chic hidden cafe

Casa Lapin x49

Set on a small quiet soi opposite Samitiwej Sukhumvit Hospital is one of the most stylish cafes you’ll find in Bangkok, Casa Lapin x49. As you walk in from the street you are greeted by a cosy, well curated outdoor area incorporating a wall-length sofa straight out of a luxury resort. Straight ahead through a bespoke retro glass shopfront is the spectacle of Casa Lapin: from the antique lamps to the custom wooden furniture and benches, everything just reeks of[…]

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Roots Coffee Roaster Bangkok – Brilliant House Roasted Coffee at Ekkamai 15

Roots - Welcome to the coffee lab

Let’s get one thing straight: Roots is without exception the best coffee in Bangkok. Gourmet Coffee is following Wine’s meteoric rise to mainstream popularity in Bangkok, and there are many solid options to choose from these days. But you’ll stop your search for that ever-elusive perfect cup as soon as you set foot in here. Roots Coffee Roaster Bangkok is run by Khun Dae, the owner and founder of the cafe that could be said to have started the rise[…]

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