Casa Lapin xAri – Same style, better coffee, more hipsters

Casa Lapin xAri

I’m going to call this place ‘Stylebucks’: full of kids with Macbooks perched on wall-length bench seats leeching free wifi – much like the scene you’ll see in a Starbucks. But ‘Style’ because this place just oozes cool, and ‘bucks’ because Casa Lapin xAri sits in the base of the Noble Reform Condo on Soi Ari, and quite obviously attracts a crowd of rich hipsters from the three Noble condo buildings in this area. Casa Lapin xAri is the newest of[…]

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Holly Brown – Chain serves up first decent Hong Kong Coffee

Holly Brown Hong Kong

After a few days of uninspiring coffee in Hong Kong it was refreshing to come across Holly Brown. With a chain of cafes throughout different areas of HK, Holly Brown roast their own beans in house, including a house blend and some Single Origin varieties. I tried the branch in the up market shopping centre K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui. The atmosphere was like that of a desert cafe or ice cream shop, which isn’t surprising considering they also seem[…]

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