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Charlie Brown Cafe Hong Kong







It’s probably fair to say that Hong Kong is not known for its’ coffee. Shopping, yes; bankers, yes; but you don’t hear people raving about the coffee scene here. Charlie Brown Cafe is a perfect example to illustrate why.

This will be one of the rare times I review a cafe that doesn’t ‘make the cut’, simply because this cafe might be of interest for the novelty factor, especially for families.

Charlie Brown Cafe decor

Decor is not exactly what you’d call ‘homey’.

In the style of many Asian cafes, Charlie Brown Cafe just doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head. The atmosphere is like any run of the mill Asian cafe, which is to say there isn’t much. The decor has a ‘mass produced’ feel that reminds one of Starbucks with a different palette and some Charlie Brown statues added in, and music from a bizarre fairy-tale nightmare drifts awkwardly through the air. The cakes are similarly un-inspiring in the Asian style: light on flavour and complexity but heavy on sugar.

Macchiato at Charlie Brown

A deceptively promising looking Macchiato.

Atmosphere aside it was time to order. I was surprised to see they had Caffè Macchiato on the menu, which seemed like a good sign for the quality of the coffee. Alas no. Bitterness without any real body greets the palate, the beans taste like Robusta or a Robusta blend.

Store decorations at Charlie Brown Cafe

Lots of things to take photos of and with.

So the only real appeal of the place lies in the free wifi, large amounts of seating, and vast collection of Charlie Brown themed decorations spread throughout the cafe which will the backdrop for many a photo.

Worth a stop to keep the kids or your girlfriend amused, but you won’t be coming back again and again on account of the coffee.


Phone: +852 2366 6315
Address: 58-60 Cameron Rd, Hong Kong

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