Charlie Brown Cafe – All show and not much else

Charlie Brown Cafe Hong Kong

It’s probably fair to say that Hong Kong is not known for its’ coffee. Shopping, yes; bankers, yes; but you don’t hear people raving about the coffee scene here. Charlie Brown Cafe is a perfect example to illustrate why. This will be one of the rare times I review a cafe that doesn’t ‘make the cut’, simply because this cafe might be of interest for the novelty factor, especially for families. In the style of many Asian cafes, Charlie Brown Cafe[…]

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Roots Coffee Roaster Bangkok – Brilliant House Roasted Coffee at Ekkamai 15

Roots - Welcome to the coffee lab

Let’s get one thing straight: Roots is without exception the best coffee in Bangkok. Gourmet Coffee is following Wine’s meteoric rise to mainstream popularity in Bangkok, and there are many solid options to choose from these days. But you’ll stop your search for that ever-elusive perfect cup as soon as you set foot in here. Roots Coffee Roaster Bangkok is run by Khun Dae, the owner and founder of the cafe that could be said to have started the rise[…]

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