92000 Cafe & Bistro – A decent option in Lad Prao

92000 Cafe & Bistro







Outside of the more “Farang Friendly” zones of Bangkok, your chances of getting a good coffee drop quite considerably. Especially along Lad Prao between Rachada and The Mall, where there are very few cafes aside from the odd Thai-Style ‘Rahn Kaffee’: dealing mainly in sweet iced coffees and typical spongey cakes to locals who are less demanding of the quality of the espresso.

I was quite surprised then to find a very cool little cafe called 92000 Cafe & Bistro near the intersection of Lad Prao and Rachada. They’re not going to win any awards for their amazing coffee just yet, but their barristas seem to know their way around an espresso machine.

92000 Cafe & Bistro

They also know what a Macchiato is, more or less, and that’s my drink of choice whenever I stop in here. The coffee is smooth but a little too acidic and bitter for my liking, and there is a lack of complexity on the palate, but then it’s better than 9/10 coffee shops in Thailand. A solid option if you live near here or are going past and there are no other cafes in sight.

Service is friendly and efficient but nothing special, I’ve never really been engaged by any of the staff. Where this place really shines is the shop itself, which has been renovated in a ‘modern industrial’ style with worn concrete render and exposed brickwork. Little retro trinkets litter the shop and there is plenty of seating for a small cafe, and free wifi.


Phone: +662 938 3652
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/92000-cafe-by-kwoung/110426065644177
Address: 542 Lat Phrao 34, Chatuchak, Bangkok

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