Bubble Cafe JJ – Hole in the wall coffee bar for weekend shoppers

Bubble Cafe JJ








Tourists in Thailand’s capital Bangkok follow a familiar path: a few temples by the river, some thai food, plenty of beer, and of course shopping. On the weekend, tourists and locals flock to the sprawling Chatuchak (JJ) market in the north of the city.

But it’s usually cheap clothes and souvenirs they are hunting for, not gourmet coffee. Indeed on the many times I’ve come here I never had the sense that a decent coffee was anywhere to be found nearby. That was until I saw a recommendation from the owners of Pacamara for ‘Bubble Cafe’.

Bubble Cafe JJ

It’s quite hard to find, but you’ll see it just off the main road in Block 3 of the markets behind a shop selling asian style iced ovaltines and other assorted beverages. Bubble cafe is literally just a coffee bar and 5 stools serving mainly take-away coffee, but the owner seems to care a little more than most for a good coffee and you can see he puts a lot of effort into the craft of making coffee.

That said, I am not a huge fan of the beans he uses, being a local blend from northern Thailand and containing 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta. So as you can imagine, the palate is a bit chemical and bitter, but as you work your way down the espresso it becomes more smooth and palatable. A solid choice for a caffiene craving coffee lover stuck in the middle of Chatuchak with no other choices at hand!


Address: Block 3, Chatuchak (JJ) Weekend Market, Bangkok

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