Cafe Bicycle – Downtown hipster haven, and decent coffee too

Cafe Bicycle







While Siam doesn’t have too many independent, good cafes (probably the rent prices), Ploen Chit and Chit Lom are seemingly becoming the inner-city coffee-friendly zones in Bangkok. With Dean & Deluca and Cafe Bicycle practically side by side, and Cafe Tartine just around the corner, you’re almost spoilt for choice here at Ploen Chit BTS.

Cafe Bicycle seems to be engineered specifically for hipsters. Just when ‘fixie’ bikes became the mode of transport du jour for BKK’s ‘dek indie’ (hipster); and cute, wood adorned, retro styled cafes were suddenly the next big thing, up pops another such cafe with – guess what – a bicycle theme.

So Bicycle had street cred before it even opened, but do they deliver the goods or is it just a pretty face? Well actually the goods are, well, good! Coffee is made from a blend but is pretty decent: smooth and not bitter. Maybe slightly preferable to Dean & Deluca.

Cafe Bicycle

Nice decor, free wifi, pleasing coffee. A nice place to sit and chill – as long as you don’t mind the music.

Essentially, Cafe Bicycle is another strong option in this area. It makes for a nice lunch stop, with a nice range of salads, sandwiches, pasta and other western food on offer. There are a range of dinner specials too including all you can eat pizza (have to try that).

The atmosphere is nice and there is free wifi, but there is a problem. One of my biggest issues with restaurants and cafes in Bangkok is a certain CD which seemingly 60% of business owners have decided is the CD to buy and play in their establishment. The offending album contains the same acoustic covers of modern pop and classics sung by female vocalists. At first it’s a little novel, and pleasant to listen too. But after you’ve heard it again and again for 3 years, it’s enough already. Move on, Bangkok.


Phone: +6626515188
Address: 888/5 Thanon Phloen Chit, Lum Phini Pathum Wan Bangkok

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