Casa Lapin x49 – Escape the Bangkok chaos in this chic hidden cafe







Set on a small quiet soi opposite Samitiwej Sukhumvit Hospital is one of the most stylish cafes you’ll find in Bangkok, Casa Lapin x49. As you walk in from the street you are greeted by a cosy, well curated outdoor area incorporating a wall-length sofa straight out of a luxury resort. Straight ahead through a bespoke retro glass shopfront is the spectacle of Casa Lapin: from the antique lamps to the custom wooden furniture and benches, everything just reeks of quality and integrity.

The beauty of the surroundings are no surprise given the owners’ backgrounds in architecture and design. But these days there are plenty of pretty restaurants and cafes in Bangkok, and not all of them have menus to match. Thankfully, Casa Lapin is not pretending.

Casa Lapin x49

Good coffee in peaceful, meticulously designed surroundings with free wifi…. perfect combination!

Once you’re comfortable on the plush outdoor sofa, you can tune out the city around you and get down to the business of drinking coffee. Far from the best on offer in Bangkok, the coffee is nevertheless worthy of trip out of your way. I sampled a macchiato brewed with the house blend, and found there was a pleasing amount of berry acidity, but a touch too much bitterness and not the most developed character. The blend is sourced from around Thailand, and I suspect there is Robusta in the mix.

Single Origin beans are on offer too, from what Casa Lapin calls their “Slow Bar”, with brewing methods including Drip and French Press. An array of mouth watering cakes are waiting to tempt even the strongest dieter, and seem to be of a higher standard than you’ll find in most of Bangkok’s cafes.

I found the service to be a bit brisk and lacking in warmth, but nevertheless the coffee was made well and everything came promptly. Given the fabulous atmosphere and free wifi, it’s definitely worth dropping in here for some well needed respite from the Bangkok metropolis. I’d recommend this cafe as a backup plan to Roast around the corner.


Phone: +66812577920
Address: Soi Songphinong (opposite Samitivej Hospital) , Sukhumvit Soi 49 , Bangkok

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