Casa Lapin xAri – Same style, better coffee, more hipsters







I’m going to call this place ‘Stylebucks’: full of kids with Macbooks perched on wall-length bench seats leeching free wifi – much like the scene you’ll see in a Starbucks. But ‘Style’ because this place just oozes cool, and ‘bucks’ because Casa Lapin xAri sits in the base of the Noble Reform Condo on Soi Ari, and quite obviously attracts a crowd of rich hipsters from the three Noble condo buildings in this area.

Casa Lapin xAri is the newest of three sister cafes, and one suspects there will be more to come. I recently visited Casa Lapin x49 on Sukhumvit 49, and while I loved the place I wasn’t blown away by the coffee. It’s a different story here at Ari, where the same beans yield better results. My macchiato was smooth with rich flavors on the finish. I’m guessing part of this comes down to the machines (they use Kees van der Westen machines at both locations, but different models), and partly down to the skill of the barista.

The atmosphere, like the Soi 49 branch, is the key attraction and the owners have gone to great lengths to make the interior a spectacle to behold: from the Deco feature chandelier to the apothecary-styled shelving behind the counter, or the famous quotes stenciled on black sacking draped on the bare brick walls. Everything is carefully considered and makes you feel like you’re somewhere special.

A full range of brewing methods is on offer, and as well as coffee there are a selection of cakes and a full food menu. A great place to come just to chill with friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon and enjoy the brunch menu, Casa Lapin xAri is also a great cafe to do some work.


Phone: +66812612040
Address: Casa Lapin, 1/F, Noble Reform, Soi Aree (Phahon Yothin Soi 7) Bangkok

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