Gallery Drip Coffee @BACC – Downtown haven for coffee hunters

The art of a good pour at Gallery Drip Coffee







Good coffee is becoming easier to find in Bangkok, but that isn’t to say it’s on every corner just yet. And when you’re in the middle of Bangkok, it’s not always easy to find a good drop of the stuff. Thankfully, Gallery Drip Coffee is a tiny oasis for coffee lovers in the middle of the Siam area.

Set in the ground floor of the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC) opposite to the popular MBK shopping mall, this small shop serves exclusively filter drip coffee to a crowd of Thai hipsters and thirsty Farang.

Gallery Drip Coffee @BACC

A quiet, cosy haven for coffee lovers in the heart of Bangkok’s bustle.

If there is wisdom in doing one thing – and doing it well – then Gallery Drip demonstrates this in the quality of their coffee. I’m not usually a huge fan of drip or press coffee since I like the more powerful hit of an espresso, but the coffee here is quite pleasant and the flavour develops and grows in complexity as you work your way through their generous 200ml serving.

Gallery Drip Coffee @BACC

Truly Thai hipster stylings – cool enough for all your coolest friends.

I tried their Single Origin “Panama Volcancito Don K”, but there are also beans from Bolivia, Ethiopia and Chiang Rai available in drip, iced drip and cold brew. They also offer iced teas and a small selection of sweet things to go with your coffee.

The atmosphere is nice with pleasant tunes in the background, but I feel the store is just a little bit too small for comfort, especially being a large awkward farang. One plus is they have tables extending out into the walkway outside.


Phone: +61819895244
Address: Ground Floor, BACC, 939 Rama 1 Road Wangmai, Bangkok

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  1. I like their drip coffee, it’s very smooth and easy to drink. But you’re right the place is too small!


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