Roots Coffee Roaster Bangkok – Brilliant House Roasted Coffee at Ekkamai 15







Let’s get one thing straight: Roots is without exception the best coffee in Bangkok.

Gourmet Coffee is following Wine’s meteoric rise to mainstream popularity in Bangkok, and there are many solid options to choose from these days. But you’ll stop your search for that ever-elusive perfect cup as soon as you set foot in here.

Roots Coffee Roaster Bangkok is run by Khun Dae, the owner and founder of the cafe that could be said to have started the rise of good coffee in Bangkok, Roast (Seenspace, Thonglor 13). The team have brought the same market insight and creativity to their setup here, as well as the same great house-roasted beans and exceptional commitment to putting those beans to good use.

It’s far from a tepid copy of the original though, and has it’s unique appeal that sets it apart from the ‘parent’ store. Built around the concept of “getting back to your roots”, this new venture focuses on what started K’Dae’s foray into the Bangkok cafe scene – a love of good coffee.

Espresso at Roots

Espresso with sparkling water palate cleanser. You know it’s going to be good before it touches your lips!

So, The Coffee:

Well, good coffee is exactly what you get. No fuss, no nonsense, no Chocolate Lava cakes or Shibuya Toast, just straight-up mind-numbingly good coffee, served however you like: espresso, press, cold-drip. It’s somewhat of a lab or testing ground, where the head roaster tries out new blends, roasts and serving styles, before launching them in Roast.

It’s hard to write in great detail about the coffee here since Roots Coffee changes every 6 weeks. What I can say is that it is always exceptional and there are a great mix of single origin beans on offer from different regions. The coffee is always smooth and easy on the palate, with plenty of subtle notes and character.

Roots - Coffee Making is an art and a science here

Correct Weight: Coffee making is as much an artform as an exact science here.

Adding to the back-to-basics feel, the shop is set up in a very cozy and informal manner, with bar seating where you can meet the team and be served and educated by the abundantly friendly staff. Help your self to a nice selection of baked goods, and chill out with an eclectic mix of jazz, acoustic and easy listening tracks hand picked by the staff.

There are no set prices and payment is made in an honesty jar, ensuring the warm fuzzy feelings continue all the way to the end of your experience – Roots feels like a local business run by your life long friends for love not money.

The only downside of this style of operation, if there is one, is that Roots Coffee Roaster Bangkok is only open on Saturday and Sunday. This can mean it gets a bit crowded at times and you do have to wait a little while for your coffee. But it’s well worth the wait! During the week, the space serves as a coffee education institute, offering courses on everything from latte art to coffee appreciation and tasting.


Phone: +6688 190 5950
Address: Ekamai Terrace #2-4, Between Ekkamai 15 & 17, Bangkok

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