Coffee Champ Pushing the Cause of Thai Specialty Coffee to a Global Audience

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The World Barista Championships are being held in Rimini, Italy, and 54 Barista Champions from around the globe have come together for their 15 minutes in the spotlight to showcase their skills and their own coffee stories to a panel of expert judges. Recently crowned Barista Champion of Thailand 2014, Varatt ‘Tae’ Vichit-Vadakan of Roast and Roots Coffee Roasters was among this elite group of coffee professionals chosen to attend.

Many choose this moment in the spotlight to showcase their skills at the grouphead, with the coffee origin being a firm second place in terms of importance during the presentation. Where Tae differed in his approach, was to first tell the story of Thai Coffee and the key growers he supports and collaborates with, which led onto a unique presentation encompassing the full journey from plantation to cup.

It’s great to see someone using this opportunity to push forward the cause of Thai Specialty Coffee to a global audience. You can watch Tae’s full incredible performance here:

I wish Tae luck with advancing to the next round. And even if he doesn’t, I think all Thais, expecially those in the coffee industry, should be very proud of the great job he’s done promoting the industry.

You can visit Tae on weekends at his specialty coffee shop Roots Coffee Roasters on Ekkamai.

Well done Tae!

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